How to create barn wood look? It's very simple!

How to create barn wood look?

Barn wood is elegant and unique. However, it is also so hard to find that its prices are sometimes extremely high. Luckily, there are some tricks and techniques on how to make new wood look like barn wood.
Country style in interiors is the one, we are going to discuss today. To decorate your house like that, you will definitely need some old furniture. However, getting old wood or reclaimed wood furniture is hard- the material is unique, not cheap and hard to maintain. Not to mention all the possible problems you may encounter when trying to treat these pieces. Therefore, no wonder why making new wood looking old is such a popular technique.

Wood aging

The advantage of making your own barn wood is that you can customize it. It means that you can have it in any colour you wish to. It will help you to create the depth and dimension to floors or walls made of this aged material. Not to mention the variety of patterns, too. And of course, you will get rid of bugs and worms.
So how to make your own barn wood? First of all, you need to equip yourself in some products. However, before you go to a shop, you have to be aware of the fact this technique is cheap. You will be surprise how cheap. So, to age your wood, you will definitely need: some sheets of underlayment, a table saw, a compound miter saw, a level, a sander, a fein saw, some stain or paint, a paint brush, a rag for your stain, a nail gun and some nails.

We’re getting to work

First of all, you need to customize your underlayment. If you need to cut it, please do so. You should use a table saw to do it. At this point, you may also need to sand your planks to get rid of all the rough edges. Once it is done, the wood is ready to be stained several times. Between the layers of stain you can also apply some paint – this is to give your wood this unique colour of old barn planks. Depending on the shade you want to achieve, you can use darker or lighter stain.
Now, it is high time to fix your planks. Probably they do not have the same length and that is why you will need to cut them before placing them in your floor or on the wall. Once cut, you will be able to put them together as some kind of puzzles. To cut your planks, you should use the miter saw. Please also remember to select and put together the pieces of wood in such a way the gaps between them are very small. Please check if the pieces in the right way and they are level as well.