Oregon is a three dimensional panel combined from very narrow barn wood laths in mixed colours from light grey to dark brown. This panel is inspired by John Day fossil beds in state Oregon which has a very distinguished layers of differently coloured rocks. Both the colour and the tecture of the panels makes it a very interestingly looking material especially on big surfaces. 3D panels are acting like a sound diffusers therefore improving the acoustics of the room by reducing reflections.

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20 mm


1220 mm


2500 mm to 4000 mm


KD 10-12%


Three layer panel glued with D4 waterproof glue.
Two bottom layers made from Scandinavian spruce (6,5 mm).
Top layer naturally weathered European spruce and pine (7 mm).
Top layer planks available separately on demand.


ceiling, construction of furniture and doors, furniture, interior wall and ceiling cladding, interior wall cladding