Reclaimed wood furniture

Become eco-friendly with reclaimed furniture

Stylish furniture is one of the elements that cannot be missing in a modern interior. Wardrobes, tables and chairs are not only environmentally friendly but also incorporate the uniqueness and personal touch.

A careful Instagram or other social media follower can come across a number of photos showing interior design projects in which rooms are furnished with reclaimed furniture. Heavy tables and benches in a dining room, elegant cupboards and wardrobes for bedrooms or even bookshelves and desks made of wood that has been gathered and reused to supplement rather stark Scandinavian style of interiors or emphasize the beauty and genuineness of natural materials used to decorate wood cabins.

Why don`t you have reclaimed furniture?

Reclaimed furnitureIn times when eco friendliness and eco awareness are becoming more and more popular, those of us who wish to live in a more sustainable way, each day make decisions on matters beneficial for the environment. That usually means to dispose rubbish, reduce the number of electricity and water used in everyday situations and produce less waste. We are aware of the fact that the resources given to us by Mother Earth may one day be limited to a great extent and for this reason we are more keen on stop buying new items.


Stylish furniture from wood

The idea of using reclaimed wood for the production of stylish furniture is consistent with the concept of eco friendliness as well. This material is usually processed in such a way it can be used over and over again to make a nice piece of furniture. Of course, in the process of furniture production it is important to know the characteristics of old wood as it can be very demanding. Therefore, a key part of making such items is to make sure that the treatment is up to date with all the standards and results in great durability and quality of the end product.

A huge benefit of recycled wood is that the material can be used to produce almost every type of furniture. Are you dreaming of a table or a picnic chair? Or maybe you need a bookcase or a wine cabinet? Pieces of furniture made of reclaimed timber can supplement private homes, offices, bars and restaurants. Such items allow to transform them into warm and welcoming places. No wonder they are getting their fans worldwide.