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…is to find interesting recyclable materials and use it to design and manufacture unique products. We are aiming at upcycling the old reclaimed wood and materials, by converting it to new products with extraordinary rustic look (e.g. rustic timber wall cladding). Connection of old handcrafted and weathered wood and newest production techniques is our way to achieve great unique looking and highest quality materials.

Our company works only with trusted suppliers and manufacturers of wood wall panel, cladding, wall, people who like us care about the environment and contribute to sustaining the forests and using eco-friendly production techniques.

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What we do

Old barn wood has become one of the most sought-after recycled materials. It’s used in landscaping, as timber for walls and floors, in crafts and even in artwork. As ecological product it fits new trends and at the same time meets the construction standards. Barn wood when is a high quality wood and could be used in vast range decorative and construction projects.

Wall cladding, ceiling coverage and engineered flooring are one of the most common uses for the reclaimed wood. Uniqueness of this material makes it demanding in processing but creates extraordinary looking and very durable products. Weathered irregular surface with knots and deep grain not only has a great appearance but also gives a natural and warm feeling to its entourage when used as wall cladding or flooring in the interiors.

Barn wood works well in a garden or outdoor living area. It can be used for gazebos, tool sheds — especially those that look like small barns — planting borders, decks, flower boxes and fences. Barn wood fences and borders give even a new a garden the look of great age. Years of exposure to harsh atmospheric conditions made this wood resistant to decay preserving it in natural way.

Barn Wood and other types of reclaimed materials are used commonly not only in decorating or constructing but also in furniture and design of accessories and many others. We supplied our products to photographers for background in their studios, as part of acoustic treatment in the recording studio or for theatre scenography. Wine racks, boxes, drawers, doors, windows are one of the most common uses of reclaimed wood. We are happy to advise in complicated projects to provide the best solution.

Reclaimed wood had been used to make indoor and outdoor furniture, such as dining tables and chairs, picnic tables, cabinets, bookcases, shelves swings, bed and sofa frames. They are available in chests of drawers, hutches and wine cabinets. Almost any piece of furniture imaginable has been made out of reclaimed timber from stools to full kitchens. Many of our customers used it to create bespoke furniture in their bars and restaurants, for booths, bars, tables and many accessories.

Reclaimed wood cladding company’s

We are a London (UK) based company.

Our company has over 10 years of experience in sourcing and processing reclaimed wood (wall, claddig, panel) and new timbers with focus on upcycling, converting antique materials into new products. Years of working with the old wood, a very demanding material, in the design and construction industry resulted in many unusual and rare products in our offer.

We control all the parts of the sourcing and production process to make sure our offer is up to date with the industry standards and presents the best quality and durability.


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