Shabby Chic Wood Panelling

Wisconsin panel is a white washed barn wood top combined with two bottom layers of Scandinavian Pine. Planks used for top of this panel are same width and various lengths. White wash and precise sanding gives the barn wood very interesting distressed look. With clearly visible, from underneath the white paint, natural colour of the grain of timber. Inspired by snowy woods of winter Wisconsin. Ideal choice for bright interiors and exteriors and to use in Shabby Chic style in design.

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Additional Information


20 mm


1220 mm


2500 mm to 4000 mm


KD 10-12%


Three layer panel glued with D4 waterproof glue.
Two bottom layers made from Scandinavian spruce (6,5 mm).
Top layer naturally weathered European spruce and pine (7 mm).
Top layer planks available separately on demand.


construction of furniture and doors, furniture, interior wall and ceiling cladding, interior wall cladding