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…is in particular to protect the environment. Our products are made in 100% of recycled materials, disassembled and dismantled old buildings from across Europe. By buying our products, you contribute to the protection of our beautiful and unique planet. We give a portion of our income to environmental organisations.


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What we do

Old barn wood has become one of the most sought-after recycled materials. It’s used in landscaping, as timber for walls and floors, in crafts and even in artwork. Fuelled by both “green” and nostalgic consumers, the demand for aged barn wood is so popular it’s getting hard to find in some areas. Its soft, weathered look has been copied, but never completely duplicated.

Barn wood’s knots and imperfections make it a coveted material for siding, walls, ceiling beams and floors. There’s something about its grey, aged look that gives even a new house or cabin a homey, lived-in feel. It can be used for wainscoting, chair rails, shutters and doors. Some woodworkers also use it to make cabinets and shelves.

Barn wood works well in a garden or outdoor living area. It can be used for gazebos, tool sheds — especially those that look like small barns — planting borders, decks, flower boxes and fences. Barn wood fences and borders give even a new a garden the look of great age. One plus: years of weathering have already made them somewhat resistant to decay.

Barn wood lends itself to country and folk art craft projects. It can be used as photo or mirror framing or in plaques; it can be painted or stencilled, it can be made into toy or tool boxes, bird houses, wall-mounted clocks, jewellery boxes or even Christmas ornaments.

Barn wood had been used to make indoor and outdoor furniture, such as dining tables and chairs, picnic tables, curio cabinets, bookcases, swings, bed and sofa frames. They are available in chests of drawers, hutches and wine cabinets. Almost any piece of furniture imaginable has been made out of barn wood.

About Us

We are a London (UK) based company.
The environmental protection is extremely important to us, which is proven by our actions. By using our products, you protect the forests and the environment. The beauty of our products has been created by nature and time.

Our organisation includes many European and worldwide manufacturers.
The extensive experience of our partners guarantees a high product quality.




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