Barn Wood Cladding

Genuine atique wood. All of our wood comes from dismantling selected old barns to provide high quality timber with unique texture and color. Dismantling the buildings is done with extra care to not damage the beautiful, precious top surface.

Every single board was denailed.
Create beautiful rustic surface anywhere you want from your kitchen through garden to restaurants, bars and shops. Our timber was used as well on photoshoots and dispalys for big companies. Antique reclaimed timber brings warmth and nobleness of wood to any space.

Additional Information

Wood type

Softwood (pine,spruce, fir)


from light grey to very dark brown


2,5 m to 4 m


15 mm (other available on order)


120 mm to 300 mm


ceiling, construction of furniture and doors, engineered planks (panels), exterior wall cladding, floor, interior wall cladding