Texas 3d panells

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Texas 3D panel
Texas is a three dimensional panel combined from mixed coloured (from grey to brown) planks in different widths. Inspired by Texas state and its cariety of landscapes, from vast flats to rocky canyons, this panel is characterised by variety of both dimensions of planks and colours. That makes panels Texas catch sight from the very first look. 3D panels are acting like a sound diffusers therefore improving the acoustics of the room by reducing reflections.
Our panels are small format and light weight which makes it very easy to install on any surface. Suitable for DIY projects and perfect for professionals. Available with heavy duty double sided tape for the quickest installation!
Length: 1150 mm
Width: 150 mm
Thickness 10-20 mm

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Additional Information


1220 mm


20 mm


2500 mm to 4000 mm


KD 10-12%


ceiling, construction of furniture and doors, interior wall and ceiling cladding, interior wall cladding


Three layer panel glued with D4 waterproof glue.
Two bottom layers made from Scandinavian spruce (6,5 mm).
Top layer naturally weathered European spruce and pine (7 mm).
Top layer planks available separately on demand.